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Caring Crystals

Strawberry Quartz Mini Sphere (14-15mm)

Strawberry Quartz Mini Sphere (14-15mm)

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Calming • Love • Strength

Strawberry Quartz celebrates the positive aspects of sensuality and desire. It encourages honesty, integrity, and a heart-centered approach to relationships. This crystal teaches us that our natural desires are beautiful and healing when approached with love. For those who've faced emotional trauma, it guides us towards healing and discernment, restoring our innocence without naiveté. Strawberry Quartz also helps release anger, fosters resilience, and brings kind and loving people into our lives. It reminds us that we deserve happiness and love, offering a guiding light on our journey to self-discovery, healing, and embracing our desires with grace.

Dimensions: Diameter 1.4~1.5 cm each

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