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caring collection


Join us on Instagram every weekend for our live sale! Usually Fridays or Saturdays 8pm SGT (subject to changes, we will always set countdown alarms on our Instagram page so do follow us @caringcrystals for updates!) Live sale is an amazing way to get a first look at brand new stocks, interact with fellow crystal lovers, ask us questions and connect with us on a personal level. Open the IG app on your phone during our live sale timing and click on our profile picture to join us!



how to

How To:

  • Items will be shown one at the time. If you would like to purchase the item, comment "item price and/or alphabet" to make claim. For example: "20ab" or "mine 20ab". The item price and letter must be included in your claim, or it will not count. 
  • The first claim on my screen will get the item. Kindly note that you will appear first on your screen as per instagram algorithm but I will go according to the person who appears first on my screen. I am not responsible for any claims that get blocked by instagram
  • There are many cases of IG blocking some comments, if you realise your claims are not coming through, try exiting and re-entering the live again, of you can try commenting with emojis.
  • Please claim only if you are 100% committed to making a purchase. We do not allow switch outs/ back outs as it is unfair to others who wanted it during the live but couldn't get it and also for us. 


payment crystals

Payment / Invoice

  • All invoices will be sent within 24 hours of the live sale, and the invoice is due 24 hours from the time you receive it. Please make prompt payment to help us get your orders out as soon as possible. 
  • For local orders, payment is accepted via PayNow/ Paylah and Bank Transfer. I will provide you with the mobile number and bank account number to pay to in our invoice. 




  • Local shipping is a $5 flat fee via courier that comes with tracking number. Your tracking number will be sent to you once we ship your order. There is free local shipping for orders $120 SGD and above. Any extra amount paid to us will be refunded to you after we verify your payment. 
  • We are based in Singapore, and we ship international. Prices are all in Singapore Dollars (SGD). International orders are invoiced via Paypal. For first time buyers kindly send us your paypal email address on IG DM. International shipping depends on weight and starts from $10 SGD. All international orders comes with tracking number too and will be sent to you or in your paypal invoice once we ship your order. International invoice is also due within 24 hours. We will usually mail International mails once a week on a weekday. 
  • We pack all of our crystals with care, thus we are not responsible for any damaged or broken crystals caused by courier. If you received your crystals broken or damaged, please DM us as soon as possible and take any picture and videos of them the moment you receive them (not applicable to crystals which are discounted/on sale because of damaged tips/parts that we have informed you beforehand.) However if you have a problem with your order, do not hesitate to DM us and we will try our best to work something out together.



Being Responsible and Respectful 

  • Please do not abuse our trust by not replying or backing out on your order. By doing so, you will be not allowed to join any future live and post sales altogether. 
  • Live Sale can be exhilarating, however do avoid over claiming and be responsible for either noting down your claims or taking a screenshot to help you keep track of your purchasing.
  • Please avoid threats, bullying, hate speech and harassment to anyone. (Good vibes only community!) 
  • All our bubble wraps are recycled from supplies that we have received and we re-use them to package your crystals. Do try to reuse them if possible or dispose them accordingly.


 open box

Open Box Program:

We understand that courier shipping might be costly to just ship a single item or two. Thus, we introduce the Open Box Program where we will keep your crystal with us till you decide to ship them.

  • This way, you will be able to combine shipping fee across launches as well as use less packaging and help the earth!
  • Local orders above $120 SGD enjoy free shipping (you can accumulate your order across launches to enjoy free shipping!)
  • International orders can also combine shipping fee across launches this way (maximum of 2kg per box, any heavier will be of a separate charge, please send us your full address for us to check on the shipping fee for orders above 2kg).
  • The recommended duration for our Open Box Program is at 4 weeks (as we don't want you to forget your order). Otherwise, simply let us know if you would like an extension and we can work it out!



Exchange & Returns

We do our best to accurately display and describe all crystals through our Live Sales, Post Sales, Photos and Videos. 

Claims made will be final, no refund / exchange or returns for any items. Customer understand that the item colour might vary slightly due to differences in lighting, cameras and screens.

If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact us and we are more than happy to work out something for you! DM us on IG / drop us an email via our contact page



Frequently Asked Questions

1) My Comment appear first on my screen! 

As comments will appear differently on different screen due to a lot of technical reasons (connection speed etc.). Your comment will always appear first on your screen but may not be the same for us. We will announce the first name appear on our screen and the claim is final. 

2) Can I claim and pass it to someone else?

    We highly recommend not to as it will make it incredibly hard to keep up with the changes and may misplaced in the wrong box. 

    3) I do not wish to spend so much money on the live!

    We strongly encourage you to have a pen and paper during the live to keep track of your spending and items claimed. Most importantly, set a budget for every live show. 

    4) When do i have to make payment for my orders?

    It is due within 24 hours after the invoice has been sent. We will automatically cancel orders if payment is not receive within 24 hours. As we hope to always deliver out your parcel fast, clearing the payment sooner will help us to ship out your orders faster. 

    5) Where i can send
     you feedback of your live show?

     You may send feedback/comments to

    6) Can i add items from your website to my existing open box from Instagram?

    Definitely! We are more than happy to keep your items in your open box for you and combine the shipping cost for future purchase. Do remember to fill in your IG handle in the form during check out.