My Personal Journey Through Mental Internal Friction

My Personal Journey Through Mental Internal Friction

I wanted to share something personal today, something that I believe many of you might be going through as well. It's about this constant battle inside our minds, a friction that's hard to explain and even harder to overcome. I've come to know it as mental internal friction.

Think of mental internal friction like having your foot on the brake while trying to step on the gas. It's this tricky thing in your mind where there's a constant tug-of-war between what you plan to do and what you actually end up doing. It’s that sneaky little voice that keeps whispering, "Hey, let's just start tomorrow," no matter how pumped you felt the night before. This thing is sneaky, it's deep inside, and it does drain your battery.

I've been through this myself, and it’s quite the ride. Nights for me were always full of ideas and energy, but come morning, I was stuck in this fog of ‘meh’. It took me a good while of looking inward to really get why.

You see, in the morning, I set the bar high, expecting to be super productive and achieve greatness. But as soon as it's nighttime, my expectations shift. I allow myself to relax, cook dinner, or just browse on my phone. It's like a weight is lifted, and I can finally breathe. It was all about my own expectations. Mornings for me were like setting up a mountain to climb - work like a machine, check off every item on that never-ending list. But when the sun set, it was like I gave myself a free pass to just chill. The difference in how I felt was like day and night – literally. And it wasn't the tasks that changed, but how I treated myself in doing them.

This whole mental friction thing isn’t just about messing up your to-do list; it actually gets right into how you feel overall. It reminded me of those school days when you’d do anything to stay in bed, dreading what's waiting for you at school, but totally living for the weekend.

Getting to grips with this friction has been a game changer. It’s way more than just kicking laziness to the curb; it's about figuring out why your brain says one thing and does another. I've set goals and missed them, not because I couldn't do it, but because there was this inner battle I needed to sort out.

Steps I Took to Improve Mental Internal Friction:

Acknowledging and Understanding: The first step is to recognize and accept the presence of this internal friction. Understand that it’s a common struggle and not a reflection of your capabilities.

Setting Realistic Expectations: Start your day with achievable goals. Avoid overburdening yourself with unrealistic expectations.

Mindfulness and Reflection: Practice mindfulness and engage in activities that allow you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. This helps in understanding the root causes of your internal friction.
Creating a Supportive Environment: Share your journey with friends or family. Sometimes just talking about it can alleviate the weight of these struggles.

Routine and Discipline: Establish a routine that includes time for work, rest, and play. Stick to this routine to bring a sense of order and achievement to your day.

Incorporating Crystals: I introduced crystals like lepidolite for calming and Rose Quartz for self-love into my workspace and home. Their presence and energy have been a constant reminder to myself to be kinder to myself.

Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments. This helps in building confidence and reducing the impact of internal friction.

By sharing my experience with mental internal friction, I hope I can bring more awareness to how we can better align our actions with our intentions. Just like releasing a handbrake in a car, the goal is to learn how to free ourselves from these internal barriers, moving forward with less resistance and more purpose.

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