Sodalite Worrystone


Intuitively picked for you 
You will receive ONE (1) Worrystone

☾ Truth ☾ Intuition  ☾ Creativity

Sodalite is also known as a talisman of the writer, it is for enhancing creativity, inspiration, focus and clear communication. It is also called the "Poet's Stone" and "Logic Stone", emitting an easy, tranquil energy that clears the mind and encourages deep thinking, expanding the ability to arrive at logical conclusions. 

Worry stones are smooth, polished gemstones that are usually in an oval shape with a thumb-sized indentation. It is used for relaxation and/or anxiety relief by holding the stone between your fingers and gently moving back and forth across the stone. The rubbing of the stone can create a sense of relaxation, making the making the mind more serene and generates a sense of calmness.

Also available in a wide variety of materials here.

Dimensions: approx 3.7~4 x 2.5~3cm each
*Do take note of natural lines/ pockets