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Caring Crystals

Snow White Agate Clover Bear-stronaut

Snow White Agate Clover Bear-stronaut

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[Custom-made by Caring Crystals] 
Intuitively picked for you  ♡
You will receive ONE (1) Clover Bear-stronaut
*Do allow some degree of imperfections as crystals are natural 

☾ Patience ☾ Stress Relief ☾ Balance

White Agate is a stone of balance, it harmonises the male and female balance in the body, Ying & Yang, bringing soothing and calming energy to relief stress. This allows us to be more patient in difficult situations. 

Dimensions: Approx 5.9cm (width) x 6cm (height)

Also available in Golden Tiger's Eye, Gold Sheen Obsidian and Green Aventurine.

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