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Caring Crystals

Red Aventurine Rose

Red Aventurine Rose

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Intuitively picked for you  ♡
You will receive ONE (1) Rose
*Do allow some degree of imperfections as crystals are natural 

☾ Calming ☾ Love ☾ Strength

Also commonly known as Strawberry Quartz, Red Aventurine contains Lithium, Muscovite or Lepidolite inclusions which causes it to glitter. It radiates a warm and loving energy that is gentle and soothing. It is similar to Rose Quartz, promoting self love, self acceptance, balance and strength.

Dimensions: Approx 4.5cm (width) x 3.6 cm (height)

Also available in Rose Quartz, White Jade, Blue Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Fluorite and Lepidolite.

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