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Caring Crystals

Red Aventurine Darumao™

Red Aventurine Darumao™

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[Custom-made by Caring Crystals] 

Intuitively picked for you  ♡
You will receive ONE (1) Darumao
*Do allow some degree of imperfections as crystals are natural 

☾ Calming ☾ Love ☾ Strength

Also commonly known as Strawberry Quartz, Red Aventurine contains Lithium, Muscovite or Lepidolite inclusions which causes it to glitter. It radiates a warm and loving energy that is gentle and soothing. It is similar to Rose Quartz, promoting self love, self acceptance, balance and strength.

Darumao reminds us to trust the process and never give up despite life's ups and downs. They bring blessings, luck and fortune to their owners. Place it on your desk, cash register, or wealth corner. Pat your Darumao to let it know you are its owner, make a wish and let it work its magic!

Dimensions: Approx 4.8 x 4.8 cm 

Also available in Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Golden Tiger's Eye, Orange Calcite, Fluorite and Ruby Zoisite.

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