RARE Kammererite Small Palm


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☾ Spiritual Growth ☾ Transformation ☾ Protective

Kammererite is a rare stone from Sweden and it is high vibrational. Known for its detoxifying properties, kammererite helps in the release of lower vibrations such as rage, guilt, fear, doubt, and other negative emotions that obstruct spiritual elevation. These palm stones will help you detox physically and spiritually while also guiding you into a deeper meditative state.

Kammererite's frequency binds to the third eye and crown chakras, opening and activating them so that one is consciously aware of higher dimensional desires, including those directly from one's soul. Many people are experiencing a ‘spiritual awakening,' and Kammererite will help them incorporate these higher vibrational frequencies into their daily lives.

The purple on this stone is Kammererite, Green being Serpentine and Black being Chromite.

Dimensions: approx 2.4 x 1.6cm (smallest) - 4.2 x 2.6cm (largest)