(Rare) High Quality Pietersite Small Heart 54TB


 You will receive the exact piece
*Do take note of natural lines/ pockets

☾ Transformative ☾ Wisdom ☾ Intuition

Known as the Tempest Stone because of it's amazing elegance and captivating colours, it resembles an oscillating thunderstorm. Pietersite is extremely rare, with only two major mines in the world, one of which is in Namibia. 

Pietersite is a stone that carries a charge, a little like a storm raging from within. It brings cleansing energy to aid you in creating change. This power allows you to create inspiring visions and ideals. It's high vibrational energy connects you to your inner self and helps you to access spiritual guidance. By connecting you to your inner guidance system, you become aware more easily. Awareness is power and with this energy, it helps you gain a greater ability to make decisions to step forward into living your authentic life. 

Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm, 12g