(Rare) Blue Scheelite Spheres 40SE-49SY


You will receive the exact piece you picked
*Do take note of natural lines/ pockets
Pictured from Left to Right:
[Top] 40SE, 41SE, 43SE, 45SE 
[Middle] 46SH, 46SE, 48SH, 48SE
[Bottom] 49SX, 49SE, 49SY

☾ Restful Sleep ☾ Emotional Healing  Calming

Blue Scheelite is a combination of calcite and dolomite, a rare find from Turkey. It is a great grounding stone which can help one to maintain calm and composure. The energy of the blue scheelite is one that instills mental balance and can aid with insomnia. One can benefit from the gentle healing energy of blue scheelite when there is a need to regain emotional capacity.


40SE: 3.0cm diameter
41SE: 3.0 cm diameter
43SE: 3.1 cm diameter
45SE: 3.1 cm diameter
46SH: 3.1 cm diameter
46SE: 3.1 cm diameter
48SH: 3.2 cm diameter
48SE: 3.2 cm diameter
49SX: 3.3 cm diameter
49SE: 3.2 cm diameter
49SY: 3.3 cm diameter