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Caring Crystals

High Quality Hypersthene Sphere (14-15mm)

High Quality Hypersthene Sphere (14-15mm)

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Intuitively picked for you  ♡
You will receive ONE (1) Mini Sphere
*Do allow some degree of imperfections as crystals are natural 

☾ Abundance ☾ Good Luck ☾ Protection

Hypersthene is said to help balance emotions, encouraging a sense of calm and stability. It may help to dispel negative energy and promote a more positive outlook. It is believed that hypersthene can aid in problem-solving and decision-making by enhancing clarity of thought, intuition, and insight. This makes it a popular stone for those seeking solutions to challenges or issues they may face. Some people believe that hypersthene can help support spiritual growth and development, as well as provide protection during spiritual practices like meditation or energy work.

Dimensions: approx 14-15mm each


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