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Caring Crystals

Green Aventurine Mini Spheres

Green Aventurine Mini Spheres

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Intuitively picked for you 
You will receive ONE (1) Mini Sphere

☾ Good Luck ☾ Optimism  ☾ Confidence

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest for  life. It helps one move forward with confidence into new situations, such as changes in one's career, residence, school, project, relationship or spiritual focus. It is also a stone of "Good Luck" as it helps to manifest prosperity. Green Aventurine assists one in finding optimism, hope and joy in daily life. It helps one to remain heart-centered and to peacefully navigate difficult emotional experiences. It facilitates one's willingness to release attachments in order to embrace growth, change and renewal. 

Also available in Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. Best paired with our Hexagram Star Glass Sphere Stand

Dimensions: approx 1.8-2 cm dia each

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