Copper Sphere


Intuitively picked for you  
You will receive ONE (1) Copper Sphere

☾ Balancing ☾ Clear Negativity  ☾ Amplification

Copper is a soft metal with a high conductivity. It is widely used due to its thermal and electrical charge. Copper is said to conduct energy, clear negativity, and help balance the chakras. These Copper spheres are excellent to aid in your meditation ritual to bring you into a meditative state. You can also use it to amplify the effects of the crystals placed around it.

Copper, like all healing crystals, needs to be cleansed and charged on a regular basis to stay harmonious and humming at high vibrational frequencies. When copper is cleansed and cared for, it is better able to heal you from head to toe and to channel energies without becoming blocked.

Dimensions: 2.9cm dia, approx 118g each