Apophyllite with Stilbite 222AA

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☾ Uplift ☾ Spiritual ☾ Purify

Water Cleansing: NO

Clear apophyllite is mainly meant for meditation purposes, it is a powerful stone for activating one’s inner vision and psychic ability. It is a highly mentally active stone, which is able to help one in processing spiritual information. Clear apophyllite is a great aid in offering renewed vision to those who have become discouraged in their spiritual growth, they help to bring awareness to our own spirituality and the higher consciousness.

Apophyllite are great for clearing distracting thoughts, it’s tranquil and balanced energy can help one in overcoming the feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. By placing an apophyllite in a room can help to dispel negative energies in that room, and surrounding  it with strong and uplifting energies. With their high frequency, apophyllite is able to transfer strong vibrations to the person who meditates with it, stimulating one’s spiritual sense, and developing one’s sense of intuition.

Dimensions: 16 x 8.9 x 7 cm, 833g