How Crystals Work

Bringing sparkle and flash wherever they're placed, crystals top the list of nature's most stunning creations and have a long history of being treasured solely as organic home decor. However, their transformative powers go far deeper than just what meets the eye, and even when crystals are acquired purely for their good looks they can't help but infuse the spaces, - and people - around them with a powerful combination of vibrational balancing, color healing, and talismanic magic. 

1. Vibration 
As the other-worldly inventor, Nikola Tesl, put it. 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.' All of life dances with a magnetic pulse and vibration; from scientists we have learned that every atom in the universe is constantly in motion, and metaphysicians teach that every object is surrounded by its own vibrating sphere of energy, an 'aura'. Crystals are unique within nature as their atoms follow the most symmetrical pattern possible, creating what is called a 'crystal lattice'. It is their perfect atomic symmetry that makes crystals such powerful holders and transmitters of energy and vibration. Because being a human is a much 'messier' atomic arrangement, our atoms and auras are harmonised by interacting with the unique symmetry of crystals.

2. Colors
The tradition of using color for health and well-being has been practiced since ancient times, and the vibrant colours of crystals are one of the most potent aspects of their healing power. Science has proven that we are profoundly affected both physically and emotionally by the colours that surround us (think of how different you feel in a bright red vs pastel blue room), and on a metaphysical level, our chakra system is strongly energised and activated by specific colours. Crystals provide one of the easiest ways to add bright and organic pops of colour into our homes and workspaces, and will literally change your mood and energy with their uplifting rainbow hues. 

3. Talisman
Born from the Ancient Greek verb telein, meaning 'to initiate into mysteries', a talisman is traditionally defined as an object believed to hold magical or miraculous abilities, 'lucky charms' being the talismans us modern folk are probably most familiar with. When you choose to bring a crystal into your life for a specific intention or goal. - Rose Quartz to find love, or Pyrite to gain confidence, for example - your specific intention transforms a crystal into your own personalised, magic-filled talisman. Crystals function as powerful accountability buddies. Their presence gives both your consciousness and subconsciousness helpful nudges whenever you're near, tirelessly reminding you of the person you wish to be, the energies you wish to hold, and the life you are ready to step into. 

4. Holistic Healing
Crystals regularly manifest their magic in what can be called a 'subtle', form, similar to other forms of holistic healing. To better understand the concept of subtle healing, imagine the difference between drinking a glass of wine and taking a vitamin.