ruby kyanite healing crystals

Ruby Kyanite

Courage Passion Intuition

Water Cleansing: YES

Ruby Kyanite is a fascinating combination of red ruby and blue kyanite, it works as an excellent stone for those who are anxious about spiritual exploration, or those who do not believe they have the qualities to do inner work. Ruby and kyanite working together in the same stone, help one to integrate high spiritual energies into the physical body. It also helps to facilitate the forming of intimate relationships, making it an ideal stone for lovers.

**Note: Ruby Kyanite does not hold onto absorbed negative energies, and is self cleansing. It can be used to assist in clearing other crystals. Even though it may not require as much clearing, we do suggest clearing your ruby kyanite based on the usage and the amount of energy it has been exposed to over a period of time.


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